Top Eye Emergencies You Should See an Eye Doctor For

Top Eye Emergencies You Should See an Eye Doctor For

Top Eye Emergencies You Should See an Eye Doctor For

Top Eye Emergencies You Should See an Eye Doctor For

Top Eye Emergencies You Should See an Eye Doctor For

Routine eye exams are encouraged to help diagnose eye conditions early and treat them before they become serious. However, there are times you may need to schedule an urgent care visit to your eye doctor for eye conditions that cannot wait until your next eye exam. Most eye conditions do not have obvious signs and symptoms, so it can be hard to tell when an eye condition requires urgent care.


However, there are special cases that cannot be ignored. The biggest indicator that you need to visit your doctor immediately is pain. Pain is the main sign of inflammation or infection and should be attended to as soon as possible. When an infection is treated quickly, the patient has a better chance for a good recovery.


Pain is not the only indicator that you need emergency eye care. Other eye care emergencies that should make you run, not walk, to your eye doctor include:




In simpler terms, this condition is known as bulging eyes. There are many conditions that can cause bulging eyes. Common causes of bulging eyes include abnormal blood vessels behind the eyes and an injury to the eye socket. Graves’ disease can also cause the eyes to bulge.


If you have bulging eyes, you should go to the emergency room whether you are experiencing pain or not. Your doctor will perform tests to determine the root cause of the issue to allow him or her to provide the right treatment.


Pupil Anisocoria


This is a condition where your pupils are not the same size. This condition can be caused by another underlying medical issue or can develop due to direct eye trauma. Experts believe that this eye condition is an early indicator that a patient may be suffering from neurological conditions such as brain tumors and should be treated as an emergency. There are people who are born with Anisocoria, but their condition is benign.


Red Eyes


Red eyes accompanied by discharge are a common sign that your eyes could have an infection. If the infection is not too serious, your doctor will prescribe antibiotics. Be careful: some infections that cause red eyes or commonly known as the ‘pink eye’ are very contagious. You need to seek immediate medical attention to avoid spreading it.


Chemical Burns or Foreign Body


If chemicals get in your eyes, the first thing to do is flush out your eyes with water or saline, preferably. Next, remove contact lenses if you have them. Ask someone to drive you to the hospital immediately and, while on your way, continue to flush your eyes with water. If you have a particle stuck inside your eye, avoid trying to get it out with your fingers. Instead, use water or saline to flush the object out. Ideally, you should let your tears run freely to wash out the speck. If the object does not come out, bandage the affected eye and rush to the emergency room.


Eye Injuries


Injuries to the cornea or the area around the eyes require immediate professional attention. If not treated immediately, serious eye injuries can lead to vision loss and in worst cases blindness.


Other eye emergencies you should see an eye doctor as soon as possible include:


  • Bleeding around the eyes
  • Double or decreased vision
  • Severe headaches
  • Severe itching
  • Blood in the white of the eye

To learn more about eye emergencies and when to see an eye doctor, contact Marshall Eye Associates in Marshall, Texas at (903) 938-2555 to schedule an appointment today!

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