Benefits of Routine Wellness Eye Exams

Benefits of Routine Wellness Eye Exams

Benefits of Routine Wellness Eye Exams

Benefits of Routine Wellness Eye Exams

Benefits of Routine Wellness Eye Exams

The benefits of wellness eye exams go beyond ensuring you have perfect eyesight. There is a good reason the eyes are the “windows to the soul.” Routine wellness eye exams help safeguard more than your eyes. They also protect your life. These exams can avert serious health problems by detecting early signs of illness.


During the eye exam, the doctor evaluates the condition of blood vessels in the retina. This helps predict the health of the blood vessels throughout your body. Here are some reasons to get routine eye exams.


Detecting Signs of Myopia

Myopia (or nearsightedness) is widespread, affecting people all over the world. After a comprehensive eye exam, an eye specialist can determine whether you have the condition and will offer treatment options available to you. The number of young children developing myopia is increasing at a rapid rate. This spike is alarming because those who develop myopia early continue to live with progressive symptoms.


Detecting Glaucoma

Routine wellness exams can help detect signs of eye diseases. One of these diseases is glaucoma. This condition is complex because you do not experience discernable symptoms. You can be on your way to vision loss without being aware of it. There are no signs to alert you that something is wrong. Only during the wellness exam will the eye doctor be able to detect the risk factors for glaucoma.


Detecting Vision Problems

Changes in the eyes can affect sight. There are various vision problems, including nearsightedness, amblyopia (or misaligned eyes), trouble focusing, difficulty with eye teaming, and strabismus (or crossed eyes). These conditions affect more than just your vision. Left uncorrected, they can compromise your life. Early detection ensures access to effective treatment. There are different treatment options, including eyeglasses, contacts, and surgery.


Detecting Health Problems

Many people discover that they have serious health problems during routine eye exams. Some detectable health complications include high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, and cancer. The eyes can offer important insight into the overall health of the individual. During a wellness eye exam, the eye doctor can evaluate the health of the blood vessels. The retinal blood supply can predict the health of the blood vessels throughout the body.


Scheduling Wellness Eye Exams

It is important to schedule regular eye exams, especially for children. The tests will help to ensure that their eyes develop well. Vision problems can be detected early. Early detection in children allows them more treatment options and time to impede eye disease or blindness. Talk to an eye specialist about the best schedule depending on you or your child’s age and other factors. Putting off eye exams is never a good idea.


It is important to know that vision screenings are not a substitute for a comprehensive eye exam. The vision screenings can identify some vision problems, but you need a comprehensive eye exam to detect serious eye diseases.


To learn more about the benefits of routine wellness eye exams, contact Marshall Eye Associates in Marshall, Texas to schedule an eye exam today!

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