An Eye Exam Is Not the Same as a Contact Lens Exam

An Eye Exam Is Not the Same as a Contact Lens Exam

An Eye Exam Is Not the Same as a Contact Lens Exam

An Eye Exam Is Not the Same as a Contact Lens Exam

An Eye Exam Is Not the Same as a Contact Lens Exam

Eye examinations are crucial for everyone. Not only will it measure your visual acuity and screen for eye disease, but the findings will also provide your doctor insights into the status of your overall health. However, many people don't know that a regular eye exam is different from a contact lens exam.

For those looking to correct their vision with contact lenses, they will have to undergo a contact lens exam. This is to ensure that their new lenses fit both of their eyes properly. Read on to learn more about each procedure.


What to Expect in an Eye Exam


Before an eye exam, your eye doctor will first review your health background. They will discuss your family medical history and any eye problems you're having. They will likely ask about any medications you're taking if there are any. During the exam proper, an eye doctor will examine several things. These include your refraction, visual acuity, visual field, and color vision. Your doctor will also test your intraocular pressure, retinal health, and the performance of your eye muscles. 


When you visit your eye doctor for an eye exam, they will check the overall clarity and sharpness of your vision. They will also monitor your eye pressure and look for specific problems. This is to look for any signs of ocular damage or symptoms of other conditions. The goal is to detect vision issues, eye disease, and general eye health problems early on. 


An eye exam plays a vital role in spotting concerns before you even know they exist. Experts recommend that every person see their eye doctor once a year or two for routine checks. The frequency may vary depending on your age, physical condition, and risk factors. 


What Happens in a Contact Lens Exam


If you've never had an eye exam before, you may be a little surprised by the series of tests it involves. Are you thinking of wearing contact lenses? Then, expect that there will be a few more tests you have to undergo. Did it cross your mind to switch from eyeglasses to contact lenses? If so, you should schedule a contact lens exam instead of a regular eye exam. 


With it, your eye doctor needs to run tests that will specifically test the shape of your cornea. They will use a special instrument to look into the surface and curvature of your eye and take measurements of your pupil and iris. These tests are crucial in ensuring that your contact lenses will fit and that wearing them will not cause or exacerbate any existing eye issues. 


Expect your doctor to ask you regarding your lifestyle and preferences. This is to determine which type of contact lens is most suitable for you. With it, they will prescribe the right pair of contacts for you. Then, they will give you instructions on properly inserting the thin plastics and caring for them. 


Do you need to update your lens prescription? Visit Marshall Eye Associates today in Marshall, Texas. Call (903) 938-2555 to schedule your consultation. 

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