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8 Warning Signs of Glaucoma and What to Do

Glaucoma is an eye condition characterized by damage to the optic nerve, usually due to abnormally high eye pressure. The nerve is essential for good vision; damage can lead to vision loss. Glaucoma can occur at any age but is most common in elderly adults. It is a leading cause of blindness among individuals over 60. 

Choose the Best Sunglasses for UV Protection

Sunglasses are not only an accessory but an essential prescription to protect your eye health all year round. Sun exposure without wearing the proper UV protection sunglasses can increase your risk for some diseases. You can get conditions such as eye cancer, cataracts, and macular degeneration.

5 Potential Benefits of Scleral Lenses

Scleral lenses are a type of specialty contact lens that is different in design from conventional contacts. Firstly, they are much larger than standard lenses. In fact, they come in a range of sizes that make it possible to pick a variety that best suits your individual needs. The different sizes of scleral lenses are typically broken down as follows:

What Is Considered Low Vision?

Lots of people rely on prescription eyewear to correct their vision and to help them see clearly. But, what if your vision is so poor that prescription eyewear no longer provides enough of an improvement in your vision? And if surgery and medications aren’t helpful either? This is what is known as low vision.

The Long-term Value of Pediatric Eye Exams

Is your child constantly complaining about not being able to see the board in the classroom? If so, it is time for an eye examination. Regular vision checks are essential for school-going children. Eye exams are important as they help uncover potential vision problems. 

An Eye Exam Is Not the Same as a Contact Lens Exam

Eye examinations are crucial for everyone. Not only will it measure your visual acuity and screen for eye disease, but the findings will also provide your doctor insights into the status of your overall health. However, many people don't know that a regular eye exam is different from a contact lens exam.

Top Eye Emergencies You Should See an Eye Doctor For

Routine eye exams are encouraged to help diagnose eye conditions early and treat them before they become serious. However, there are times you may need to schedule an urgent care visit to your eye doctor for eye conditions that cannot wait until your next eye exam. Most eye conditions do not have obvious signs and symptoms, so it can be hard to tell when an eye condition requires urgent care.

Benefits of Routine Wellness Eye Exams

The benefits of wellness eye exams go beyond ensuring you have perfect eyesight. There is a good reason the eyes are the “windows to the soul.” Routine wellness eye exams help safeguard more than your eyes. They also protect your life. These exams can avert serious health problems by detecting early signs of illness.

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